JacTravel provides group and FIT travel products and services to the international travel trade including accommodation, transportation, attractions, catering and guided touring.

Long term specialists in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, in recent years we have expanded our offer to include key destinations in mainland Western Europe.

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Since 2018, JacTravel has been part of WebBeds, the fastest growing accommodation provider and home to some of the global travel industry’s best loved brands.

Why Choose Us


Established in 1975, JacTravel is one of the leading 

Destination Management Companies (DMC) in Europe.

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Long-established and strong relationships with the key suppliers in all destinations allow us to offer the best possible itinerary rates.

Strong buying power and financial stability as part of WebBeds.

Notable static allocations in highly sought-after accommodation providers.

A dedicated team of multi-lingual passionate travel experts in key locations throughout the world.

A one-stop shop to develop full travel packages to suit the needs of your audience.

A collaborative approach to create bespoke itineraries to maximise sales opportunities.

24/7 customer service line to ensure your clients enjoy the best possible travel experience within our destinations.

Robust Health & Safety controls.

Partner-focused Terms & Conditions.


For more information on working with us, please contact groups@i0h6kn.wcbzw.com or fit@i0h6kn.wcbzw.com

London - Hammersmith 
+44 (0) 208 563 7878
2nd Floor, 3 Shortlands
Hammersmith , London
W6 8DA

London - Kentish Town
+44(0) 207 284 7952
8 Holmes Road,

108-114 Dundas Street


8 Bond House

Merchant's Quay 
Dublin 8

Romania - Cluj 
+40 (0) 374 180 769

11 Voltaire Street
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

+40 (0) 374 180 793

Targului street no. 1, 
Targu Mures, Romania, 540069

Careers and Regular updates

Be sure to visit us on LinkedIn for job postings and regular updates and news from JacTravel.

JacTravel is part of                     , home to some of

the world's leading B2B accommodation providers.

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